Eco Bamboo Sunglasses By Kayu

Eco sunglasses

Bamboo sunglasses

eco sunglasses

I love wearing sunglasses, not only because they protect my eyes from the sun but also think they look great. Each year I generally buy myself a cheapy pair which get broken after a few months and end up in the bin.

This year I considering a different approach. I want to get a high quality pair of sunglasses that is also ethical and sustainable. The Kayu sunglasses on by Livia Firth on Yooxygen fit the bill perfectly. They are made from sustainable bamboo and have been handmade by craftswomen in Asia that work in ethical conditions. At £120, they cost quite a bit more than I would usually spend on sunglasses but if I looked after them really well, they could last me for ages. I am also very tempted by their solid chunky look. The last ones are my favourites, I don’t think they will go out of fashion and will make a great statement look.

What do you think? would you spend £120 on a pair of sunglasses? Which pair do you prefer?

With warmest wishes

Ceri x

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10 thoughts on “Eco Bamboo Sunglasses By Kayu

  1. I love that they’re bamboo! It’s such a great versatile material. In Asia, it’s often used as scaffolding, so it’s fun to see it being used for sunglasses!
    WINNIE recently posted..Happy DaysMy Profile

  2. I love them and you’re right about them being classics that’d last a lifetime but given the option of £120 on a pair of sunnies or a festival I’d go for the festie and make do with my vintage specs! x
    Vix recently posted..Pimp My JumbleMy Profile

  3. I love these glasses! I came across by some really cool designer a few months ago (I wish I could remember the brand name) and they looked great.

  4. These look so cool! I don’t spend a lot on sunglasses as I tend to sit on them too often, but £120 is not dissimilar to the cost of a designer pair, so if I was going to spend that on sunglasses I’d definitely consider these!