Ethical Fashion in Practice

Nobody wants to buy clothes from an unethical source, no matter how cheap they are. Furthermore, we don’t want to purchase clothing from companies that aren’t doing their bit to help out local communities both at home and in the myriad places they source and produce their clothing. Although corporate social responsibility is improving, it is by no means applied equally across the board. Some companies are better than others and it is important we highlight and hold up the companies that are working to create a better, more ethical fashion industry as examples to those that can do better.

New Look has been helping local, domestic charities for decades, but in 2009 it set up its own charitable foundation The New Look Foundation, tasked with ‘educating, inspiring and empowering people to feel good about themselves’. The foundation, made up from a small group of partnered charities, such as Macmillan and Whizz-Kids, is funded through proceeds from in-store and online products as well as fundraising activities and payroll giving. This means you can help out and do your bit for global society whenever you purchase dresses, jeans, shoes, t-shirts and so on from New Look.

The money that is accumulated from the sale of dresses and the like is split between different causes. 40% of the funds are divided among New Look’s charity partners; 40% is donated to local causes near to New Look’s shops and offices; 10% is reserved for disaster relief appeals, such as the DEC Haiti Earthquake Appeal and the final 10% is held in reserve to go into a big pot of funds to help larger projects in the future.

The New Look Foundation makes it easy for you to help out; in fact you can help without really thinking about it. Any time you purchase one of its limited edition Foundation dresses you will be helping people all around the world have better access to education, health care and support. However, you need to look out for the selected foundation products if you want to make a real difference.

In the long run it is important to choose shops like New Look over those that don’t place such high value on social responsibility and charity. By picking retail brands that help and support the global community and work sustainably all around the world we can help create a fairer society not just at home, but on the other side of the planet too.


6 thoughts on “Ethical Fashion in Practice

  1. I’m glad you posted this because they asked to advertise on my blog and I said no because I did not see an ethical angle! Now maybe I can re-approach them that I have more information.
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  2. Oh this is interesting. I know New Look have had a pretty bad rap with the whole subcontracted supply chains. Looks like they are really working hard to build their CSR.