Timberland Apley boot

Timberland make stylish, practical and high quality clothing that is great for outdoor activities and urban life. Timberland has a strong commitment to sustainability with its popular Earthkeeper range offering a wide range of products from jackets to boots made from a range of sustainable materials representing their biggest commitment to reducing their impact on the environment. They continue to innovate and develop sustainable ways of working. In 2012, they recycled millions of plastic bottles for PET to use in their clothing and shoes.  SmartWool® faux shearling (made from merino wool and recycled PET) is another of their clever ideas for making great outdoor clothing with minimal impact. The great thing about their recycled materials is that they perform just as well as virgin materials.

The Timberland supply chain is also completely transparent. All products are measured using the  Green Index® which indicates their performance for climate change, chemical usage and resource consumption. They also have  a strong commitment to ensuring that those that work in the supply chain have a safe and fair working environment with targets and performance of their factories for their factories being published on the website.

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