Think Boutique

Combining wearable style with eye-catching one-off statement pieces; the Think Boutique collection brings together the most exciting and fashion-forward UK ethical brands with a strong focus on stylish, high quality affordable pieces that customers will love and wear over and over again.

Think Boutique strives to retail clothing that have the highest possible social and environmental credentials. Products are from Fair Trade, organic, sustainable, up-cycled or locally produced sources and many products in the Think Boutique collection are proudly made in the UK. With every detail of the shopping experience carefully thought through from first click to delivery, Think Boutique brings the personal service experience of boutique shopping online.

Think Boutique was launched by ethical fashion enthusiast Victoria McQuillan in September 2010. Inspired by a passionate lecture on ethical fashion while studying for her Masters in Fashion Marketing, Victoria realised that it was possible to strike a balance between her lifelong love for fashion and her concerns about the nature of the fashion industry’s moral code. After a long period of research and development of ideas and skills Think Boutique was finally launched. Each season’s collection is bound with a strong element of Victoria’s personal style and values, where the fashion credentials come top of the list and the ethics of each item are carefully researched.


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