How to recycle your jewellery

If you are like me and you love wearing recycled jewellery and beautiful vintage clothes, then you are sure to enjoy getting creative by making your very own jewellery, using old accessories you hardly wear any more. Not only is this a great way to recycle, but it is a fun past time which also helps you to save some money.

Many fair trade shops sell beautiful jewellery and art sculptures which use recycled materials. If you have seen some lovely handmade accessories in your local art shop, and now you are keen to try making some items yourself because you think it makes a nice change from wearing your stylish silver 77 Diamonds jewellery everyday, then this blog post will show you how you can create your very own recycled jewellery using many of your old accessories.

Charm bracelets

If you have a stack of old bracelets which you rarely wear, then why not take the pretty parts from each one to create one beautiful charm bracelet? Take a bracelet with large loops and thread on various beads and charms from your other bracelets to create a funky, mismatching arty accessory. Beads, shells and silver pendants work well together, but try to keep gold and silver charms separate as they clash.

Leather Band

Get a Roman-style look with this home made leather band accessory. Begin by finding an old leather strap and pierce small holes around the band using a pin. Between the holes, stick (or sew) some gold and copper coloured sequins onto the leather. Carefully thread some strong gold string in and out of the holes and let it hang a little bit to create gentle loops around the bracelet. This accessory will look great with a pair of gold gladiator shoes and some other gold jewellery.

Do you have any other creative ideas on how to recycled jewellery?

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