Updating an Old Dress with a Peter Pan Collar

I had a really relaxing weekend and for the first time in ages I didn’t do any work, not even the ironing! Problem was I really wasn’t ready to go back to it all this morning. On saturday I went for a birthday lunch with family. I decided to wear a dress that I have had for ages uodated with the leather Peter pan collar (by Rokit Recycled) that I got for Christmas from my mum. 

On Sunday, we went to a fantastic new restaurant called Za Za Bazaar in Bristol. It is a massive place on the waterfront that seat hundreds of people and has the theme of a street market with lots of different food kiosks. For just £10 per head you could eat as much as you liked including Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, English, French, Italian, Indian, Mexican, Caribean and Portuguese. I really thought they had managed to capture the atmosphere of a market (or as much as you can with an indoor restaurant). I would usually avoid this sort of eat as much as you like restaurant on the basis that the food will be rubbish but I had read a good review which turned out to be incredibly accurate. The food was delicious and you could even have some dishes freshly prepared in front of you. I has sushi, Vietnamese soup and a variety of meat and vegetarian curries and was slightly disappointed when I was too full to eat any more as there was so much I hadn’t tried, I will definitely be going back. For desert there were mini patisseries, an icecream machine, a chocolate fountain, lots of jellies and a giant cake stand filled with cupcakes. The children loved it! Sorry no food pictures as I was far too busy eating it.

So that was it, my weekend basically consisted of little else except stuffing my face. Well I did go for a run on Saturday so hopefully that might help in balancing out the calorie overload.

I hope you had a good weekend.

With warmest wishes

Ceri X


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