DIY Christmas Present

This year I had planned to make most of my Christmas pressies. Unfortunately with the demands of trying to run a business, look after 2 children and be the domestic goddess that I definitely am not, I kind of ran out of time for making all of my presents. Here is one of the presents that I did manage to make. You might recognise the fabric it was from the vintage dress that I shortened that I wore in this outfit for another an Ethical Fashion Bloggers outfit challenge. I got the chain from the local vintage shop.

I also featured this DIY project in my most recent post for Oxfam Fashion, How I am reclaiming Christmas. This post is also part of the Ethical Fashion Bloggers Christmas DIY Roundup, if you are interested in taking part in our round ups and outfit challenges, you can find out more about how to join here.

I hope that you are all ready for Christmas and also finding time to relax and enjoy yourself.

With warmest wishes

Ceri X


7 thoughts on “DIY Christmas Present

  1. This is so cute, I love it!
    I tried to make a lot of the presents I gave this year, but ran out of time so most of them ended up being food based. I need to start much earlier next year, maybe January!!
    All the best,

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