30 Days of Ethical Fashion – Happy Hands Bags

I have discovered another great recycled fashion brand that sells through  ASOS Marketplace through Twitter. Happy Hands sells eco friendly, ethical and sustainable bags.

The first thing that struck me about these bags is that they are something I would really love to own. The colours, the contemporary shapes and the interesting textures are all perfect for adding a bit of interest to an outfit. You really wouldn’t guess it but the bags are made using a variety of upcycled materials including mosquito nets, plastic bags and motorbike seat PVC. They are sturdy and useable but at the same time great to look at, sustainable fashion doesn’t get much better. 

The plastic bags that are used to make the bags are in ready supply, strewn all over the streets. The mosquito nets which were originally sold for fishing or construction are faulty and sold off in the markets.

The bags are handmade in Cambodia by Smateria. Each bag is unique tailor made and a one off. 65 women currently work for Smateria in Andong, a area which homes 8,000 families forced in 2007, by the Cambodian Governement to move from their homes so that expensive house, hotels, shops and restaurantc could be built. The area had no electricity, running water or work for the people. All of the employees of Smarteria are contracted under International Labour Law. 90 percent of employees of Smarteria are young women who are encouraged to bring their children to work where Smarteria pays for their childcare and has just begun offering a pre school program.

You can buy them from the Happy Hands Boutique on ASOS Marketplace.

The bags are also really reasonably priced with prices starting at just under £19. I really like them. What do you think?

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With warmest wishes

Ceri X


5 thoughts on “30 Days of Ethical Fashion – Happy Hands Bags

  1. this brand sounds fab! love your pics from my street chic party! there’s a upcycling fashion show at london house on 18th feb that i have a press tix for; lemme know if your going as know that’s your thing!

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