30 Days of Ethical Fashion – Po-Zu Shoes

I have never been really fond of Ugg Boots for how they look. On the really cold days in the winter, I will have to admit that they keep your feet toasty warm but I prefer to try and look a little different than the same as everyone else. That is where Po-Zu come in. They have a range of warm and extremely comfortable boots for winter that will set you apart from the crowd in terms of style.

I have the Piper check boots and I love wearing them on those cold icy mornings to brighten up my outfit which almost always consists of a black winter coat. They also look great with a thick pair of coloured tights.

As an added bonus Po-Zu boots are great for the environment. They are made from a range of natural and sustainable materials including hemp, wool, cork, coconut husk and natural rubber. Many of the styles are also suitable for vegans. When you have finished with them, you can bury them in the ground and they will completely biodegrade. They are stitched together instead of using glue and are made in an ethical factory in Portugal.

I also couldn’t tell you about Po-Zu shoes with mentioning their amazing coconut husk foot bed. Each shoe or boot has a unique sole (or foot bed) which moulds to the shape of your foot. The website describes them as being like ‘walking on clouds’ and I have to say, they are probably the comfiest shoes that I own.

Po-Zu have also had some interesting collaborations with Timberland, Amazon Life and Maharishi.

Check out the full 30 Days of Ethical Fashion Series here.

With warmest wishes

Ceri X


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