30 Days of Ethical Fashion – Tara Starlet


Retro styles from forties and fifties are a huge trend at the moment. Along with stars like Dita Von Teese and Katie Perry, I am betting it is brands like Tara Starlet, who have been making reproduction dresses inspired by pin up girls and silver screen stars for some time, that are partly reponsible.

Tara Starlet dresses are perfect for ladies who like to look feminine and lady like. They are beautiful timeless pieces that should be bought and then treasured. It is not just the fact that they will not go out of fashion that makes them great for the environment. They are also made from end of roll fabrics with designs that encorporate original vintage buttons and trims for true authenticity. Because of the fabrics used, there are limited numbers of each style made so that you will be unlikely to see anyone else wearing the same dress.

I really love Tara Starlet dresses and would definitely love to own one.

You can buy them at www.tarastarlet.com along with a range of retro inspired tops, skirts, trousers and lingerie.

with warmest wishes

Ceri x


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