30 Days of Ethical Fashion – Melie Bianco Vegan Bags

There are a number of reasons why people choose to become vegan including health reasons, animal welfare and environmental concerns. But being vegetarian or vegan does just not apply to food, it can apply to anything that contains animal products including handbags and shoes. The processes used to tan leather are damaging to the environment and the health of those working in the tanneries, the rearing of livestock also has an impact on the environment so vegan options are often better for the environment.

Melia Bianco produces really beautiful handbags that are not only made from vegan materials but also in ethical factories. For winter 2011, the brand has a collection of structured bags with both casual cross body straps and more ladylike top straps. The bags features bright colours and interesting details which make them great for adding a bit of interest to a neutral outfit.

You can buy Melie Bianco bags from Fashion Conscience.

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