30 Days of Ethical Fashion – Komodo


On day 12 of my 30 days of Ethical Fashion series, I would like to share with you Komodo (if you didn’t already know about this label!).

Komodo was set up by Joe Komodo back in 1988 and he says that it was born out of a sense of fun and travel but was also about living their own lifestyle and avoiding having to get a proper job! Komodo started as stall on Camden market selling ethnic goods. The company still stays true to its original values sourcing organic and ethically manufactured products where possible and utilising local skills in countries like Nepal. Komodo also supports the Free Tibet campaign by making a donation each time a piece from the Free Tibet collection is sold.

The appeal of Komodo is that the clothes showcase the best handmade crafts of a region but without being too literally ‘ethnic’. They look stylish and original but also not out of place in a western and urban environment. It is great to see another fabulous brand that is desirable for many more reasons than just because they are ethical, to quote the website.

We are a Fashion Lifestyle brand first and do our best to be as ethical as we can in the process, rather than  Eco-warriors trying to make fashion.

You can currently get some great offers on Komodo at Fashion Conscience. You can also check out more fantastic brands in my 30 days of Ethical Fashion series here.

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Ceri X


4 thoughts on “30 Days of Ethical Fashion – Komodo

  1. Hi Ceri,

    Thanks for the lovely post about Komodo.

    We are holding a sample sale in out Primrose Hill work shop in London today – see our blog for further details!