52 Places To Buy Affordable Ethical Fashion Online

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will probably have read my moans and groans in the past about how difficult it can be to find a good choice of ethical and affordable fashion. I have in the past used this as an excuse for not buying ethically.

But recently, whilst bumbling around the internet I have come across more and more ethical fashion brands which I really like. Whilst I agree ethical fashion on the high street is still pretty rare, I think there is actually now a reasonably good selection of places to buy ethical and affordable fashion.

I decided to try and prove myself wrong about the lack of choice and compile a list of 52 online places to buy affordable ethical fashion online. I really surprised myself by managing it quite easily and there was not a single piece of hippyish hemp clothing in site. I have checked out each of these websites one by one and they all sell clothes and accessories that I would consider buying. The term affordable is quite subjective as we can all afford to spend different amounts on clothes, but all of this retailers are have prices comparable with those on the high street and some have really affordable prices.

Making this list has proved a really useful exercise and I will definitely be using it as reference when shopping online in the future. I hope that you find it useful and will book mark it and share with friends them find affordable ethical clothing too. I hope to publish another list this time next year, perhaps I will be able to make it 100 instead of 52. Please share any ideas you have in the comments.

So here they are! Did you realise there were this many?

1. Adini – A classic British boutique brand with a high focus on ethics, fair trade and sustainability.

2. Annie Greenabelle – an trend ethical fashion brand making clothes from organic and Fairtrade certified cotton plus some reclaimed and end-of-roll fabrics.

ASOS Africa

Outfit from ASOS Africa

4. ASOS Eco Edit – a selection of ethical fashion and sustainable fashion brands. Check out the credentials of the individual brands!

5. ASOS Marketplace – an online marketplace featuring some second hand and vintage clothing.

Dress from BIBICO

6. Bibico –  a Fairtrade clothing company selling simple charming clothes.

7. Beaumont Organic – Simple but luxurious clothing made from organic cotton.

8. Beyond Retro – a great online store with a huge selection of vintage clothing.

9. Boho Hemp – an online retailer selling everyday ethical fashion by Nomads and Belgian brand Uprise.

10. Thought Clothing – feel good fashion made from sustainable fabrics including bamboo, hemp and organic cotton. Look out for laid back styles, unique prints and a touch of boho. on brands including Nancy Dee, Braintree Hemp and Komodo.

12. Etsy Vintage – most people will probably already know this one but just in case you don’t the Etsy marketplace features a large selection of vintage clothes.

13. Fashion Compassion – clothing sourceed responsibly from brands that contribute to society and empower women. This organisation also donates a proportion of its profits to charity.

14. Fashion Conscience – an excellent selection of some really affordable fashion including some of the better known brands and vegan shoes.

15. Folksy – A UK based marketplace for handcrafted goodies. I particularly love There’s Only One Amy Laws for pretty dresses hand made and printed in Bath.

16. Gather and See – an online boutique stocking sustainable fashion by some seriously hip brands including Lalesso, Kowtow and Feral Childe.

17. Howies – an active clothing company creating high quality, low impact clothing. Particularly organic cotton t shirts and tops.

18. Jackpot – an lifestyle brand with clothes that are designed to last including a variety of organic and sustainable fabrics.

Nina Dress by Komodo

Nina Dress by Komodo

23. Komodo – an international fashion brand pioneering the development of ecologically produced and fairly traded clothing in a mainstream fashion market.

24. Nancy Dee– An ethical brand designing day to evening jersey clothing that is made from organic cotton, soya bean,bamboo, linen and silk.

25. Not on the High Street – an online market place with quite a few eco fashion and made in Britain choices. Check out Charlotte’s Web and Patchouli Fair for fair trade fashion and Liv for sustainable and organic cotton pieces.

26. Liv UK – classic and stylish clothing sourced from organic and biodynamic cotton, which is fairly traded and sustainably grown. Owned by Elysia, the parent company of Dr Hauschka.

27. Made UK – a fair-trade accessories brand that produces jewellery and leather goods in a Nairobi workshop in Kenya. Committed to supporting and promoting trade in Africa.

28. Maude and Tommy – a York based boutique selling a fabulous selection of beautiful clothes made using organic, recycled, vintage and eco fibres together with fair trade manufacture.

29. Monkee Genes – GOTS and Soil Association ceritfied organic cotton jeans in a variety of colours and fits.

35. Oxfam Online – of course I couldn’t write a list on affordable ethical fashion without mentioning Oxfam. Not only does their online shop stock a great selection of second hand and vintage clothes but the money you spend also goes to a great cause.

36. People Tree – one of the original pioneers of fairtrade fashion, People Tree also have some amazing sales.

37. Rokit Vintage – one of my favourite places to buy vintage clothing online. Always a great selection with some reworked/ refashioned items.

38. Seasalt Cornwall – UK based company selling beautiful clothes made from certified organic materials with interesting colours and patterns.

39. Spartoo – an online shoe retailer selling Dream in Green and some other ethical shoe brands.

Satin Sweetheart Dress - Tara Starlet

Satin Sweetheart Dress by Tara Starlet

41. Tara Starlet – vintage inspired fashion with responsible ethics and a timeless charm, made inn London from recycled and end of roll fabrics.

42. The Natural Collection –  a wide selection of ecologically-considered products including fashion and accessories.

43. The Natural Store –  a selection of products including clothing from unique artisans and designers, cottage industries or well-known brands, either; Crafted, Fair Trade, Local, Natural, Organic, Recycled, Reclaimed, Vegan, Vegetarian or Vintage.

44. Think Boutique – wearable style combined with eye-catching one off statement pieces. Some of the most exciting and fashion-forward ethical brands all in one place.

45. Timberland – Rugged, outdoor-tested, environmentally-conscious gear for men, women and kids. Super stylish whether you are out and about in the urban jungle or wilderness.

46. TOMS Shoes – footwear and eyewear in a variety of styles and colours. For each pair of shoes or eyewear sold  TOMS will give a  pair to someone in need.

47. Traid Remade – Totally recycled and affordable fashion with the added bonus of us being a charity and so all the profits going to education and fighting injustice in the fashion industry and funding projects that are helping the larger industry with more ethics!

48. Urban Renewal at Urban Outfitters –  made up of carefully selected items from around the world that bring the past to the present. An Urban Renewal item maybe vintage, recycled, or remade.

49. Vestiare Collective – preloved designer clothes from all of the big designer names.

50. Wool and the Gang – Seriously funky knitwear sustainbly created by a ‘global knitwork of gangstas’. If you want an even more affordable option Wool and the Gang also have some fantastic kits to knit your own fashion.

51. Yoox – a special ‘Yooxygen’ section on the Yoox website is dedicated to sustainable fashion and features ‘Master&Muse’ an eco friendly collection curated by Amber Valletta featuring Pachacuti, Monkee Genes and Joanna Cave jewellery.

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22 thoughts on “52 Places To Buy Affordable Ethical Fashion Online

  1. It really is hard to find affordable, ethical fashion but you’ve put together a great list. I’ve heard of a few of these places, but can’t wait to check out the rest.
    Sherin recently posted..BootsMy Profile

  2. What a fantastic list, it must have taken you ages.
    Loved yesterday’s outfit. Plain shift dresses found second-hand were my work wardrobe staple for years. x
    Vix recently posted..Magic MushroomsMy Profile

  3. thanks for putting this together, it’s really helpful. My suggestion: Vegetarian Shoes, who are based in Brighton.
    northwest is best recently posted..Outfit: SilkMy Profile

  4. Thank you for this list. Shopping for ethical fashion is definatley something I need to work on. And I had planned to a little online shopping this week! I will take some time to explore these sights.

    Just out of curiosity have you shopped at asos before? If so what’s the quality of their stuff like?
    Em K recently posted..The nature of the experimentMy Profile

    • great, hope you find it useful.

      Yes I have bought from ASOS before. Generally the non branded stuff is I would say perhaps comparable with somewhere like H & M. I really like the ASOS Africa stuff though, this is quite well made.

  5. I really love visiting at Good Fibres is is really great to online shop there.. Thanks for this list! love to check them out..

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  7. KUYICHI, first 100% organic denim brand in the world….www.kuyichi.com….probably should’ve made the top ten anyway

  8. Thanks for the list, what a useful tool to have. Thank you for the hard work. Have you hear of my brand, Makki? We design and supply Eel skin handbags and accessories all made with skins which are by products of the food industry. Please visit my site or contact me for more info. We would be more than happy to be interviewed.
    Joanne x