DIY/ Refashioned Skull T Shirt

Yesterday I decided to have another go at a DIY/ refashioning project using a plain old black t shirt for this weeks IFB project on DIY. I have bleached quite a few clothes in the past but this time decided to try using bleach for a stencil effect. I chose a skull design.

For this project, you will need

An old t shirt in a dark colour
Some household bleach
rubber gloves
a plastic bag
a doiley
some greaseproof paper
a plastic tub
a sponge

I would also recommend protecting your clothes with an apron as any splashes of bleach will ruin them.

First draw the stencil design onto greaseproof paper and cut it out. It needs to be a fairly simple shape.

Then put the plastic bag inside the t shirt flat so it stops the bleach leaking through onto the back. Lay the stencil onto the t shirt. Tip some bleach into the plastic pot and (wear rubber gloves for this bit) use the sponge to gently dab it over the stencil. I then removed the stencil and used the doiley to stencil a lace effect around the rest of the front of the t shirt in random patches.

You will then need to wait until the bleach starts to work. Don’t leave it on too long. Once the design is clearly visible, you should rinse until all of the bleach is gone. It took me about 5 rinses.

And here is  the finished result. As always you could adapt this DIY to make something different. Another interesting ideas would be to cut the doiley into a collar shape and use it to make a lace collar design with the bleach, you could also just bleach all over the t shirt (or any other piece of dark clothing) using the doilies or another type of stencil.

So what do you think? would you give this DIY a try?

With warmest wishes

Ceri X


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