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Todays Fashion and Beauty Friend Friday is about advice and words of wisdom.

Katy said

“After attending the IFB Conference last week I walked away with many great little pearls of wisdom. That got me thinking there is always that piece of advice that sticks with you -whatever that happens to be. Let’s share the words of wisdom imparted on you that made a difference. Talk about who gave you the advice, what it meant to you and how it is still relevant.”

I wasn’t sure whether to approach this topic from a general point of view or from a fashion blogging angle but when I thought about it, one of the most important pieces of advice that I have heard recently were highly relevant to both my business as a fashion writer and my fashion blogging as well as my life in general.

A lady that I used to work for,  taught me during an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) training course  and more importantly showed me through her own business, that it is possible to be ethical and run a business. Also that you will build a more successful business if your business and behaviour fits with your own beliefs, values and identity. This is a key reason why I have decided to change my blog to concentrating on ethical fashion and also focus my business on promoting ethical fashion where possible.

Actually I think you can apply this to just about any part of your life to live more successfully and happy. But for me it is particularly relevant to fashion. I love clothes and fashion but buying clothes I didn’t need and writing a blog that persuaded people to buy clothes for the sake of it just seemed wrong and pointless. Since changing the focus of my blog and business to ethical fashion, I have felt much happier and more fulfilled. I still get to obsess over clothes, but I hope that what I am doing will inspire others to make more sustainable choices.

I also love the words of wisdom in the image above – Image credit

How about you? What words of wisdom have meant a lot to you?

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With warmest wishes

Ceri X


4 thoughts on “FBFF – Words Of Wisdom

  1. I love this post! Living by your values is so important and makes the world a better place. I’m happy for you that you are aligning your business with your ethics. Thank you for sharing. BTW I just discovered NLP – very interesting stuff.

  2. Loving the new look blog, Ceri!
    As bloogers we do have a responsibility not to avocate unneccessary spending or promoting the need for fast fashion. Advertising is shoved at us from all directions, it’s important to post pictures of us wearing the same clothes in different and imaginative ways and simply revamping tutorials. x
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